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Team leader, production engineer, estimator, quality inspector, cnc machinist, cmm programmer/operator, conscientious worker Time served airframes and engines fitter. 23 years experience in the aerospace industry.




 Aerospace quality systems and requirements.

 ISO 9000 quality systems and requirements.

 Westlands, Roll Royce, Bae Systems, Goodrich specs etc.

 Good knowledge of computers Word, Excel, etc.

 Managing time, workload and people

 Experienced in surface finishing processes.

 Good knowledge of Aerospace fasteners

 BS A series AGS parts etc.

 CNC programming NUM, Heidenhain, Fanuc, Philips, Citizen.

 CMM programming and operating Tutor for windows & PCDmis.

 Very experienced close tolerance machinist.

 Skilled with a vast range of measuring instruments.

 Very good drawing interpretation.

 Rockwell hardness testing.

COSHH, RISK and Manual Handling assessments.

 Good knowledge of material certification and heat treatment condition.

 Use of problem solving tools and techniques.

 Application of improvement tools and techniques.

 New ways of working.

Good knowledge of ERP systems.

Aerospace materials, HR601, 650, 51 Incaloy etc.


Work Experience 


Oct 2011 - March 2012

Production Engineer
BMM Weston
Faversham, Kent







April 2008 - Sept 2011

CNC Setter programmer CMM Inspector
AD Engineering
Sittingbourne, Kent

  Being a small machine shop my roles are many and varied.

  As a programmer, I set and operate machining centres to produce parts to customer specifications. 

Maintain programs and implement continuous improvement regarding tooling and machining methods.

  I measure, and create reports for parts if required, using all manner of standard metrology equipment and a CMM with PCDMIS.

  I prepare estimates based on customer requirements and drg's.


  As a programmer, I set and operate machining centres to produce parts to customer specifications.  



Aug 200 7 Apr 2008

Estimating engineer/ production engineer
Bas Aerospace
Sevenoaks Kent

My role as an estimator was to generate quotes for manufactured items. This involves sourcing and pricing materials and process operations from suppliers, generating a production route with time estimates and detailed requirements for each stage of manufacture from the information on RFQs or Drgs and specs.

4 As a production engineer I trouble shoot jobs that arent running to plan and improve methods and tooling to suit the new materials and advancing technology and maximise potential from existing machines. I am introducing some of the principals of lean manufacture and helping to reduce scrap and rework by improving processes and procedures and operator training requirements.



Feb 2005 Aug 2007

Dara Technician
Almondbank Perth

I focused on improving the knowledge and awareness of team members to process requirements.

Organized the supplies receipt inspection process and improved buyer and end user awareness of material certification and condition requirements.

Advanced the inspection department by improving awareness of specifications, installing fixturing and interchangeable probes on CMM allowing for much greater flexibility and ease of use. Increased the range of components checked on the CMM by operators by writing programs to include predefined datums enabling hands off operation.

Improved the hardness and conductivity inspection equipment and rewrote procedures to meet current ISO and customer standards, with a view towards NADCAP approval in the future.




Jun 2001 - Feb 2005

Team Co-ordinator
Almondbank Perth

During this period I was leading a team of 10+ technicians. Our aim was the manufacture of components for our aerospace customers as well as supporting the spares required for in house repair programs etc.
This was a new venture for the company, I worked closely with the, master scheduler setting up manning levels in the different work centres and setting achievable times on the jobs.

My responsibilities included managing work to lists, motivating and leading team members, dealing with technical queries, talking with customers, workshop health and safety COSHH and risk assessments, final inspection compiling and filling out certificates of conformity, problem solving, chairing meetings and keeping continuous improvement going, receipt inspection of materials and spares, ensuring that quality was maintained through to finished part.
To facilitate the delivery of quality products I gained indepth experience of electro plating, painting, flaw detecting and related procedures and standards. I also trained and then performed Rockwell and superficial Rockwell hardness testing and conductivity testing on our components. I developed the procedure for F.A.I.R. inspections and reporting I.A.W. customers requirements.
I was responsible for ensuring the components met the customers requirements and were delivered on time. I had to deal with suppliers and internal processors, use project managing techniques and good communication skills to achieve this.




Aug 1992 - Jun 2001

Industrial Technician
Almondbank Perth

Used lathes and mills CNC and manual to repair and manufacture a wide variety of components to support the companies core function of repairing aircraft gearboxes, rotorheads etc.
After gaining QA inspection stamps in 1998 my duties also included in process inspection and stand in supervisor.
I gained experience using and programming Co-ordinate measuring machines both manual and cnc.
I also continued my training to include tool and cutter sharpening, apprentice master status, ISO 9002 awareness, just in time workshop, Improvement tools & techniques, basic ERP shop floor control functions.

I standardized the turning departments indexable inserts and tooling to reduce stock and improve reliability, flexibility, choice of grades and cutting condition awareness. The parting & grooving systems alone went from 7 to just 2.
I attended a manual handling instructors course after which myself and a colleague were then responsible for developing a training presentation and then training the 250+ workforce.



Aug 1988  Aug 1992

Apprentice Airframes & Engines Fitter
Almondbank Perth

Completed the 4 year indentured apprenticeship. Gaining knowledge in a wide range of subjects from sheet metal work to cnc machining, from light aircraft skin repairs to engine overhaul, Theory of flight to air law, hydraulic systems to gearbox overhaul, fibreglass repairs to electro plating.
Entered the Tom Nevard competition for all first year apprentices throughout the whole of the MOD and achieved 8th place in the machining category.
Good base knowledge in quality systems and inspection. Training in the quality traceability required to work on aircraft parts.


Oct 1987 - Aug 1988

YTS Mechanic
Church Street Garage

As a trainee mechanic in a small garage I learnt a broad range of skills and techniques in the diagnosis and repair of motor vehicles. Dealt with customers and suppliers and attended college on a day release scheme to further my knowledge.


Education summary


1999 - 2003

Quality self-monitoring                                 (E. Taylor)

Coshh & Risk assessment                            (Training Services)

ISO 14001 management system                (K. Campbell)

Project Management                                    (J. Smith)

New ways of working                                  (Pace Team)

Process acceleration                                    (Oliver Wight)

Self directed team training                            (Bourton)

Team coordinators leadership training           (Impact)

Just in time workshop                                   (Oliver Wight)

Co-ordinate measuring systems                    (Brown & Sharp)

Improvement tools & techniques                   (Oliver Wight)

NAQA qualifying course                              (MSTC, NARO Fleetlands)

Manual handling instructors course               (Lloyds training)

CNC programming                                       (BSA Tools)


Aug 1988 - Aug 1992                            

RNAW Almondbank Perth

 (Apprenticeship Perth College)

ONC SNC modules                                    





Sept 1980 - Mar 1986

Morrisons Academy

English                   Standard (2)
Mathematics           Standard (3)
French                    Ordinary (3)
Computing              Ordinary (3)
Physics                   Higher (d)
Technical Drawing   higher (d)

Complete training records are available if required.

References Available on request.